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Leap of Faith Equestrian Price Sheet



(pay per lesson)


  • 1 hour assessment/trial lesson: $100


  • 1 hour lesson (pay per lesson): $85 (after assessment - for riders who ride at least once per week)

  • 1 hour requested private lesson - $100


  • 2nd +  child discount (household): $75

    • Applies to a second child in a household taking consistent lessons. Discount to be applied after the initial assessment lesson. Applicable only for pay per lesson pricing. 


  • Tiny Tot Lesson (Children 6 and under) (up to 1hr): $110


  • Lesson on your own horse or lease horse: $65


*1 hour lessons include tacking and horse prep before lesson, and untacking and horse care after each lesson. Once the instructor deems each rider capable of caring for their horse without supervision, riders are expected to be tacked up and ready at the start of their lesson time unless otherwise stated.

*Group lessons are available for intermediate rides and above, pending horse availability. Beginners may ride in groups with instructor approval only. 

*All assessment lessons are privates only. 


Training packages: 


  • Partial training: $650 

    • Includes: 3 training days (owner lessons or training rides (interchangeable), turnout, turnout, lunging, grooming, etc. 


  • Full training:  $800

    • Includes: 5 training days (owner lessons or training rides (interchangeable) , turnout, lunging, grooming, etc. 


*Additional rides and lessons can be added onto training packages at a discounted rate of $65 per addition. Lessons and training rides can also be interchanged pending schedule and needs. 




  • Coaching fee (per day): $85


  • Show fees: To vary depending on show, and location


  • Lodging for Trainer(s) (to be slit by all clients attending show)


  • Gas (to be split by all clients attending show)


  • Trailering: Starting at $200 (if trailered by Natalie) 

*if sharing a horse at a show, to be split between riders

**prices may vary if outside haulers are used


Other services: 


  • Trailering: Starting at $200 + - depending on distance


  • Training ride (pay per ride): $65


  • Groundwork/ground lesson (pay per): $35


  • Lunging: $25


  • Turnout: $5


  • Horse sales: 10% (final sale price) 


  • Finders fee/ assisting with purchase or outside lease: 10% (final purchase price) 




Payments can be made with Check, Venmo, PayPal, Zelle, or Apple Pay. NO CASH.  

  • Checks to be made out to: Natalie McMahon

  • Payment to be made at the time of the lesson.


Monthly invoices can be set up on an individual basis. 


Rules & Policies: 


1.All riders must wear closed toed shoes or boots with a heel. 

2.Long pants required

3.ASTM/SEI Helmets required at all times. NO bicycle helmets. 

4. 24 hour cancellation policy. All no shows, or lessons cancelled after 24 hours must be paid in full. Extenuating circumstances and emergencies will be considered on a case by case basis. 

5. All training and lesson packages must be paid at the beginning of the month for the upcoming month. 

6. All cancellations or lessons that need to be rescheduled must be made up in the same month in order to be honored.

7. Horsemanship lessons may be substituted for a riding lesson at any time. Horsemanship lessons are key for all students to become truly well rounded horsemen & women. 


Equipment & Apparel: 


LOF has limited rider equipment available. Riders are encouraged to purchase and provide their own gear if possible. We are happy to help discuss all available options, and help riders purchase gear!


Here are some helpful links to purchase equipment:


Local tack stores: 


  • Western Saddlery (Pleasanton) 

  • Dover Saddlery (Moraga)


All prices as of June 1st 2023.

*all prices are subject to change

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